Thursday, December 25, 2008

Suzanne Gitzi

I just love Suzanne Gitzi. She is inspiring to me in every way. I love the incredible tone of her voice and her complete control over it. She is impossibly beautiful. She has a sparkle when she performs onstage, and has a charming and clever wit offstage. Especially loved by me, are her hilarious descriptions of the occasional onstage issues, mini disasters, train wrecks, and/or near misses. It happens to us all, but she just seems to find the funny, and she delivers it with a sparkly bow. She has me laughing so hard I sometimes have to concentrate in order to hold my bladder. I love talking with Suzanne, and I especially love hearing her sing. Every once in a while her husband Russel, sends me a song or clip of Suzanne, and I am so grateful.

This was the latest clip to come to my inbox, it's gorgeous. Make sure to watch and read till the very end.

merry christmas~

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Anonymous said...

I knew and worked with Suzanne in the 1990's and we share the same birthday date. She is a lovely person even without that powerfully beautiful voice.