Saturday, December 20, 2008

my kid and his cars

My aunt used to send my son a hotwheels car every once in a while in the mail. As a treat, she always poured a bunch of candy into the envelope, her little effort to make sure she retains her status as the 'best aunt' in the family. My kids get more junk food than they should have, and so the less candy that finds its way into the house, the easier it is on me. But when I asked her not to send candy, she denied my request flatly, saying it was her duty as my aunt, to drive me crazy in regards to my kids. I couldn't help but laugh, she was very quick with the delivery.

Anyway this isn't about candy, this is about the hotwheels.

One day while my aunt visited from out of town, she spotted the hundreds of cars that my son has, and asked, "HE has so many, Why do you ask for cars for him when I ask you what I can bring?" ( she wants to bring 'special' things ). I assured her that he does play with all of his cars (he's overly focused on them in fact), and that he still appreciates every one. I told her I would watch him as he turned each one around and studied them in detail.

She still figured she was wasting her coins on hotwheels.

So aunty devised a plan, as she was packing to go home, she told me she had decided to sneak a few of his cars from the bottom of his toy bin, back home with her (thinking, he will never even notice if I send one back to him).

Sure enough, the next month she sent a package with a car and some candy in the mail.

Would you believe me if I told you that my son, (4 at the time) opened the envelope, looked inside, and said, "Hey Mommy, Aunty sent me my blue and white car!"

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