Saturday, December 20, 2008

my friend Megan, also known as, jewelchic

There is this great lady from Australia, who emailed me on You Tube. Her name is Megan. I typically get a new You Tube subscriber, every few days or so. Most often I will go have a peek at the channel of the person who subscribed, to see if there is anything I can learn from them.

I opened up Megan's channel, and there on the screen was this beaming, beautiful, bright ray of sunshine. She had words like Positive, Happiness, and Law of Attraction in the titles to her videos. I noticed a reference to Dr. Randy Pausch, and I hit subscribe immediately. I knew I was about to meet a friend with a similar hopeful outlook to life.

We became online pals, Megan and I, and though we don't have time to do it often, we do check in with each other on Instant messaging, where we cheer each other on, proud of each others victories (or we offer each other support through the crap). We both feel that you can design your attitude, and you reveal your character by choosing your responses to things.

When she talks about the 'energy' drawing her to the book,..... well, I get that. I feel like there is an energy, but I don't know how to define it. I don' t really spend a lot of time contemplating it actually, seeing as Its beyond anything I will ever fully understand.

I just want to know how to use it. This energy. I'm getting better at it, I try to be open to it. I look for the little signs and affirmations that tell me I am heading in the right direction. These signs, they could be nothing, or they could mean everything. I try and be open to it all, and at the very least, if an affirmation gives me a boost of confidence right when I need it most, well its hardly a bad thing now is it?. Laugh if you want, but my experience tells me, these little signs are guideposts, affirming that I am on the right path.

OK, then. Now that you know I am just a little bit flaky sometimes, you can validate those thoughts with this virtual scrapbook video of my last year, I made these clips into a birthday card for my dear friend Megan. Yep, that's me lending the BG vox to the tune.


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jewelchic said...

Nah-it's so not flaky and thanks for the mention. Read a book called Ask And It Is Given by Jerry & Esther Hicks...I think you will get a LOT from it xxxxx