Monday, December 29, 2008

abba- cadabra

Just thought I'd share a pic from my delightful new gig as Ana Frieda in Abbacadabra, (which is produced by Mooncoin productions)! My first show was in Alberta, it was at the start of that ridiculous cold snap we just went through.
Those prarie folks are very hardy, despite the crazy weather, there were two fully attended sold out shows. I was impressed, and we gave them a great show, they were wonderful and appreciative.

Doing the show for the first time was brilliant, I loved it, the costumes, the choreography, the receptive audience. Plus the fact that ALL I had to do was show up and perform. I had no production, backline, gear, sound, lights, management, travel, hotel, band member issues or ANY sort of worries other than making sure me and my platform boots were polished and ready to go.

My favorite sort of gig. Here is to an Abbalicious New Year.

Lets see then, a couple of goals to foster for this year would be to keep working on doing studio work doing demos for people, and also to somday secure a groovy gig doing BG vocals for a great inspiring artist or band on a larger tour, yes, that would be the bees knees!

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Michelle said...

The bees knees huh?
It is official I am in love with your blog!