Monday, August 24, 2015

summer subbing ~ Nancy Wilson, Stevie Nicks and Frida from Abba!

Well it's been a summer of tributes...I worked hard this year getting ready as a sub-in  for three different  shows. This year I was Nancy Wilson in Barracuda, Frida in Arrival(Abba), and Stevie Nicks in Dreams. Fun times, I had my work cut out for me but all were a great success! 

Pictured are some of the amazing venues and stage shots!  Click the link to get a feel of  the crowds!
I love my job.

At Clearwater Casino and Resort we had a whopping 1600 people standing on their feet and singing and dancing with us...the water as our backdrop was filled with boats.... (picture from soundcheck pre-show)

                     click the link to see live video clip.....   THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT! 

from my turn as Nancy at Edmonton Rock festival!