Thursday, April 30, 2015

what happens when you get a bunch of chick singers together .....

what happens when you get a bunch of chick singers together .....
 I`ve said it before and I`ll say it again, it`s a real blessing to work amongst so many inspiring women in my industry who are so talented, generous and wildly supportive of each other. Its hard to describe the feelings when we get together but this post will hopefully both visually and beautifully reflect that. 

It was about 8 months ago that my friend Layla  from L E Photography first told us at one of her and our friend Catherine`s  Chick Singer gatherings (wine tasting, appies and clothing swaps), that she envisioned all of us girls in a glamour shot together each of us representing our respectful collective as well as our own individual styles. In love with the idea we came to find out the  its incredibly difficult to organize the schedules of so many busy women  but finally we nailed down a day that most of us could make. (PS There are other women  who should be in these photos really, but due to travel or family obligations they were unable, just know that they were missed and  included in our hearts). 

So with a great deal of schedule niggles, twists, turns and adjustments it finally happened. Not only was it a super fun day, filled with laughter and music but now we have amazing photos that will last forever.  Meet my friends, take their names, click the links.... and if you wish to know more then please visit.....LE Photography!

 Vicky SjohallStephanie StanderwickJayleen StonehouseJeanette O'KeeffeLayla Naomi Vaugeois-MontgomerySara RamsayDonna BMavis McCauley VaugeoisJaralin DetienneCoby Palidwar,DL Car and Rachael Chatoor.

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