Thursday, October 4, 2012

Standing all the way (pink ribbon)


It's October, the month where everyone goes boobie crazy.
Even I wrote a song with the words pink ribbon in it.
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Standing all the way was written by Rachael Chatoor in 2008.
Song recorded and produced by  Mick Dalla Vee at Millennia Sound Design.
All instruments Mick Dalla Vee, vocals, Rachael Chatoor.
Thank you Mick, I am able to do so much more in this world because of your help.
Special drum track  was done live and in one take by  Shawn Soucy. Thank you Shawn for your talent and years of friendship, you also helped give me wings.

You can purchase Standing all the way on ITUNES

 or download it free at Reverbnation  

Finally, this video is the rough draft, shared so you can see how far it's come from this to the recorded  version:

Inspired by a Melissa Etheridge interview,  I found myself questioning how I might feel, what I might hear in my mind, were I to be told that I have breast cancer. 

Doctor please slow down I don't understand,   Lets get back to talking about the weather
It seems to me, you're saying I m not getting better

I hear a voice inside, screaming, crying, asking why?
Praying you are wrong
What about my boy and girl?
Right now, im their whole damn world
What do they do if Im  gone? 

 I intend to fight this
 You don't  know the  future  So I'm going  to write it!

Finding all good things to  say, wearing my pink ribbon every day.   I'll be standing all the way.

Doctor please tell me cause I need to know,
what I can do to really face it
I can't believe you're saying, you just cant erase this

Hear a voice inside, pleading, someone turn this tide
Theres so much more to do
Ive never been so mad
Lost, confused, or deeply sad
don't wanna believe my life is through


Hear the voice inside strong detrmined full of pride
There so much left to give
no matter what the time
I'm going to make the most and I will
Show my babies how to live

© Rachael Chatoor 2008

As I wrote this song, I really struggled with the feelings I experienced. I wrote the song for everyone, for survivors and for people who have moved on, yet lived strong and well and full of love, life, and hope, while fighting cancer of any kind.  

There were many moments, I found myself, crying right out loud, as certain words came to me, and 
my whole body would be filled with energy when certian lines just sounded right.

I often considered my father's (Ken Waterman) own brave battle with cancer as I wrote this. 

My Dad's soul moved on to another place, last Sept 2007. He lived a full and happy two years beyond, the "three months" diagnosis that doctors gave him. 

My Dad was the sort of man who was a  postitive energy at all times, he never said a negative word to anyone.  He believed and LIVED, like he was not going to die. 

He continued to work devotedly for the YMCA, he spent his free time coaching youth hockey, and was found to be golfing, whenever he could slip away. He even played a round of golf, just days before entering the hospital, for the final time. 

The doctors who tended him, were openly amazed that he was golfing only days prior, & told him so as they looked over his charts with wide eyes, admiration, and disbelief. 

I witnessed this myself as we sat in the Emergency room, I was so proud of my Dad, on that day especially. 

He was still showing people how to live and how to believe. He still joked with all the doctors and nurses, and made everyone around him, feel good about themselves.

That was his magic, & he refused to stop sharing his positive message. 

The words 'standing all the way' in this song, refers to my Dad's last golf game, and his message that no matter what the size of the bump in the road, you can still spend your time believing, and loving the people around you, right now, today.

Love you Dad, thank you for your help with this. 

And wishes of love, courage, and strength, go out to my sisters in the world who are living with breast cancer, or any kind of cancer.

I truly love you all, for helping me to heal a hurt and connect with a spirit.

And this is what I had to say later as I watched my own video:

This is me, sharing my own personal experience with the energy that most of us understand as, our souls. 

Lets be CLEAR here, I do not have ANY answers, nor do I think there are ANY clear, right or wrongs here. There is rarely ever only one way to think or only one thing to believe. 

So, now that we have that straight, you take your road and I will take mine. And lets agree to let each other believe in our own beliefs.  

I am just....sharing MY experience and feelings.

SO, after reading some emails from You Tubers who were sharing their own stories with me,   I 'saw' the song, for the first time, well not for the "first time" but in a different way. 

And at the end of it, I felt the need to point out, the moments that I felt my fathers energy around me.

For anyone who has lost a loved one, this MAY feel comforting, to KNOW, that our loved ones are still around us.

If you saw this video today, and have your own story to share, please do. 

Better yet, make a short video telling your stories of times you felt your loved ones around you.

Share a little bit of hope.

Hugs and LOVE 

Rachael  xo