Monday, June 18, 2012

No Second Chances, now on iTunes~!

Ah...... it's finally uploaded to iTunes!
Go here if you wish to spend 99cents and add it to your playlist!

Listen here:

Hey girl with your fancy dress
just who are you trying to impress?
What's it like to get up everyday
just to make sure your make up is all in place?
Gee it must be a big heavy load
since the whole world cares about your fancy clothes..... hey yeah.

The front door don't work both ways....
do you know what's inside that place?
Life is more than one big dance
sometimes my dear we second chances...

Hey girl with your platinum key
what do you want history to say?
You've got everything right on your plate
despite all you could do you choose to play it away
you are not the only one out on the road
surely you can afford someone to drive your Rolls.....hey yah


The young girls who want to be you
think they are gonna live the way you live
so be loud now, but be proud now
make your choices like we gotta live with them......
even if you don't (no you don't)

Thank you!!

More info including song credits and links to Mick's studio (Millennia Sound Design) where the song was recorded..... can be found in this earlier blog post here....

Rach xo