Monday, February 27, 2012

Rock the $#@! out of Cancer 2012

It's coming up on April 14th and I want to see you there. Seriously, no questions, no excuses, this is a non-negotiable must do. It's not just for me nor even just for the cause which we'll all be helping out, it's because I don't want you to miss out an outstanding good time. You really shouldn't waste another moment reading anything here in fact, you you should go directly to the Rock the $#@! out of Cancer website  and bookmark it so that when tickets go on sale on March 7th you can easily get your tickets. .....then feel free to come back. OK? See ya!

Got it bookmarked? Ok good, now read on.

So look, I love it when you get great big superstars into play at a smaller intimate environment such as the Evergreen Hall (in Chilliwack BC). It makes for the most connected, memorable kind of music experience ever, and the dancing is off the charts.
And yes I said big superstar,  because guess what friends? The headliner for this years event is the one and only Loverboy frontman himself, Mike Reno! If you lived anywhere at all at anytime ever then the music of Loverboy is a part of the musical tapestry of your life! And here is a wonderful chance to listen to it live and up close!

And I'm practically dying with excitement because I'll be doing the same kind of thing I did last year.

I've been lucky enough to sing back up vocals a few times as Mike was up there belting out his tunes onstage, and I've hung out backstage at Loverboy concerts making behind the scenes videos, but this upcoming opening slot thing is kinda cool. And with all the other bands slated to play the bill  (find the full listing on the website), it's going to be a memorable, musical, exciting evening.

                                                  Here's a memento photo I found on my
                 iPhone from a gig last year where Mike and Cathy were special guests.

And I can't possibly finish off without saying thanks to the sponsors who are bringing you this event!
Cornerstone Framing Gallery
Army Navy Air Force Veterans

See you there!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

sore tummy/leaky eyes alert!

                        these two make me laugh out loud

                                                   this especially

                                                        visit them and have fun.  xox