Thursday, December 27, 2012

Feelings for Sale, now on iTunes!

For Sale

One sister for sale!
One sister for sale!
One crying and spying young sister for sale!
I’m really not kidding,
So who’ll start the bidding?
Do I hear the dollar?
A nickel?
A penny?
Oh, isn’t there, isn’t there, isn’t there any
One kid that will buy this old sister for sale,
This crying and spying young sister for sale?
~Shel Silverstein

I took the lyric idea for my song "Feelings for Sale" from Shel Silverstien's poem "Sister for sale" and instead of a sister, the item up on the auction block were some old "crying and vying dumb feelings" that I  knew I shouldn't keep wrapping myself up in. 
It made some sense to me....for how many artists (I had wondered).... be they poets, potters, painters, songwriters or whatever....put their hard to manage feelings... into their work?
Most, if not all, I would imagine.

That is the magic of Art, that it will often turn something that makes the artist feel a little blue, into something that makes someone else smile.

You never quite know just how many tears or smiles are mixed into any one piece but it is indeed a piece of the artist.

Feelings for sale is now available on iTunes! Click HERE to buy this song.

Thank to Millennia Sound Design for turning my rough draft tune into a complete and final mix!
For more recording information and album credits please see below link to this previous blogpost!


And if you are looking for a custom guitar painting, one of a kind, by me....visit my Etsy Shop!

Take care of yourselves. Love Rach

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Robson Square, the Hitzone and free ice skating!

 Last night Sat Dec 1,  the Hitzone kicked off the 2012 season of wonderful live entertainment that Robson Square provides for it's skating patrons.
What a wonderful festive time of year, what a great night, what a beautiful thing to do for all ages. If you are looking for something special to do this holiday season with your friends or family bring them down, and if you come on a Saturday night  the whole place comes alive with a live band to keep your skates sliding!

And do watch for Hitzone to be part of the magic again! We will be rocking the arena two more times as of this date.....Jan 5th and Feb 2nd!  You can also catch the Hitzone at a few of the casinos around town.....The weekend of Dec 7-8 we are at Lion's den at the Boulevard Casino, then you can find us at Starlight casino  on Dec 21st, and we'll be ripping up the stage at Lulu's lounge in the River Rock Casino on Dec 28th and 29th! Polish up your dancing shoes friends, it's party season!

Love Rach xo

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Standing all the way (pink ribbon)


It's October, the month where everyone goes boobie crazy.
Even I wrote a song with the words pink ribbon in it.
                                 Below are links to some of my favorite message spreaders.

The F* Cancer embrace Life sterling silver bracelet.

The Journey On Foundation has some wonderful FCK Cancer merch HERE

Standing all the way was written by Rachael Chatoor in 2008.
Song recorded and produced by  Mick Dalla Vee at Millennia Sound Design.
All instruments Mick Dalla Vee, vocals, Rachael Chatoor.
Thank you Mick, I am able to do so much more in this world because of your help.
Special drum track  was done live and in one take by  Shawn Soucy. Thank you Shawn for your talent and years of friendship, you also helped give me wings.

You can purchase Standing all the way on ITUNES

 or download it free at Reverbnation  

Finally, this video is the rough draft, shared so you can see how far it's come from this to the recorded  version:

Inspired by a Melissa Etheridge interview,  I found myself questioning how I might feel, what I might hear in my mind, were I to be told that I have breast cancer. 

Doctor please slow down I don't understand,   Lets get back to talking about the weather
It seems to me, you're saying I m not getting better

I hear a voice inside, screaming, crying, asking why?
Praying you are wrong
What about my boy and girl?
Right now, im their whole damn world
What do they do if Im  gone? 

 I intend to fight this
 You don't  know the  future  So I'm going  to write it!

Finding all good things to  say, wearing my pink ribbon every day.   I'll be standing all the way.

Doctor please tell me cause I need to know,
what I can do to really face it
I can't believe you're saying, you just cant erase this

Hear a voice inside, pleading, someone turn this tide
Theres so much more to do
Ive never been so mad
Lost, confused, or deeply sad
don't wanna believe my life is through


Hear the voice inside strong detrmined full of pride
There so much left to give
no matter what the time
I'm going to make the most and I will
Show my babies how to live

© Rachael Chatoor 2008

As I wrote this song, I really struggled with the feelings I experienced. I wrote the song for everyone, for survivors and for people who have moved on, yet lived strong and well and full of love, life, and hope, while fighting cancer of any kind.  

There were many moments, I found myself, crying right out loud, as certain words came to me, and 
my whole body would be filled with energy when certian lines just sounded right.

I often considered my father's (Ken Waterman) own brave battle with cancer as I wrote this. 

My Dad's soul moved on to another place, last Sept 2007. He lived a full and happy two years beyond, the "three months" diagnosis that doctors gave him. 

My Dad was the sort of man who was a  postitive energy at all times, he never said a negative word to anyone.  He believed and LIVED, like he was not going to die. 

He continued to work devotedly for the YMCA, he spent his free time coaching youth hockey, and was found to be golfing, whenever he could slip away. He even played a round of golf, just days before entering the hospital, for the final time. 

The doctors who tended him, were openly amazed that he was golfing only days prior, & told him so as they looked over his charts with wide eyes, admiration, and disbelief. 

I witnessed this myself as we sat in the Emergency room, I was so proud of my Dad, on that day especially. 

He was still showing people how to live and how to believe. He still joked with all the doctors and nurses, and made everyone around him, feel good about themselves.

That was his magic, & he refused to stop sharing his positive message. 

The words 'standing all the way' in this song, refers to my Dad's last golf game, and his message that no matter what the size of the bump in the road, you can still spend your time believing, and loving the people around you, right now, today.

Love you Dad, thank you for your help with this. 

And wishes of love, courage, and strength, go out to my sisters in the world who are living with breast cancer, or any kind of cancer.

I truly love you all, for helping me to heal a hurt and connect with a spirit.

And this is what I had to say later as I watched my own video:

This is me, sharing my own personal experience with the energy that most of us understand as, our souls. 

Lets be CLEAR here, I do not have ANY answers, nor do I think there are ANY clear, right or wrongs here. There is rarely ever only one way to think or only one thing to believe. 

So, now that we have that straight, you take your road and I will take mine. And lets agree to let each other believe in our own beliefs.  

I am just....sharing MY experience and feelings.

SO, after reading some emails from You Tubers who were sharing their own stories with me,   I 'saw' the song, for the first time, well not for the "first time" but in a different way. 

And at the end of it, I felt the need to point out, the moments that I felt my fathers energy around me.

For anyone who has lost a loved one, this MAY feel comforting, to KNOW, that our loved ones are still around us.

If you saw this video today, and have your own story to share, please do. 

Better yet, make a short video telling your stories of times you felt your loved ones around you.

Share a little bit of hope.

Hugs and LOVE 

Rachael  xo

Monday, September 10, 2012

Rachael Chatoor, cover songs, live music demo

Demo of some bits of cover songs from my solo gig!

rach xo

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Solo with a sidekick!
Just thought I would share a cute clip that my friend Rae took of last nights solo gig at the Boot and Sombrero here in Delta. My daughter who has a magnificent voice but never wants to sing with me in front of anyone, decided suddenly to loiter around the stage for most of the night and she even stayed behind with me hanging out onstage rather than go home with her Dad and the crew after they all petered out.
Previously, the idea of her being even NEAR the stage has been unheard of!

She's such a funny girl, I know how badly she wants to do it, she'd just hang around wishing silently all night long I'm quite sure. She really just has to get brave enough to believe in herself. Everyone else does.

She has to get up there and say I can sing a song and make you smile and sing along.
Hey friends it's may usually see me singing and strumming with a band at the casinos, convention centers, pubs, festivals or in restaurants but guess what? Music travels and I can bring this little set up right into your home for your special event. So if you are having a big bash this coming summer, fall, winter or spring and would like to have live music for your friends to enjoy this is pretty much how it's gonna be! (see videos)
Get in touch with me for prices and availability. Sidekick not included.
rachaelchatoor AT

Monday, June 18, 2012

No Second Chances, now on iTunes~!

Ah...... it's finally uploaded to iTunes!
Go here if you wish to spend 99cents and add it to your playlist!

Listen here:

Hey girl with your fancy dress
just who are you trying to impress?
What's it like to get up everyday
just to make sure your make up is all in place?
Gee it must be a big heavy load
since the whole world cares about your fancy clothes..... hey yeah.

The front door don't work both ways....
do you know what's inside that place?
Life is more than one big dance
sometimes my dear we second chances...

Hey girl with your platinum key
what do you want history to say?
You've got everything right on your plate
despite all you could do you choose to play it away
you are not the only one out on the road
surely you can afford someone to drive your Rolls.....hey yah


The young girls who want to be you
think they are gonna live the way you live
so be loud now, but be proud now
make your choices like we gotta live with them......
even if you don't (no you don't)

Thank you!!

More info including song credits and links to Mick's studio (Millennia Sound Design) where the song was recorded..... can be found in this earlier blog post here....

Rach xo

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Overboard now on iTunes!

BUY it on iTunes by clicking this link!

By the way, here is  a real life example of how a great producer can take your basic little three or four chord ditty and help you turn it from this.......


into this:

to see studio photos go here

Cheers, Rach!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Walk So Kids Can Talk | CTV British Columbia (Rachael Chatoor interview)

I did an interview on CTV this morning which I would like to share with you.
Please go visit CTV right now by clicking on the link below. 


See you on SUNDAY!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New songs coming at ya!

Well it's been a long time coming and finally, finally, finally after a few years of crafting (due mostly to the busy and often conflicting schedules between myself and producer/performer/musician Mick Dalla Vee) my songs are finally starting to roll off the presses and onto the web. So far I am just releasing them as singles and the two I am sharing with you today should be available on iTunes in a few weeks.

Here is the latest......


Many of the songs I am working on started as basic rough draft videos on You Tube. This video for instance I made in 2009 and I've just watched it for the first time in a very long time totally makes me laugh at myself for my...blatant courage and cheek. I can't believe me really. But I can.
It's funny because most music biz people don't really understand or should I say....approve of me posting my rough drafts. I however love them because they show how far both me and the songs have come.

They are also a real life example of how a great producer can take your basic little three or four chord ditty and help you turn it from this.......



First we worked the songs and gave them a structure. We made some demos to work from and while Mick can and does play the majority of the instruments we eventually hired some of my favorite players to record some of the parts for me live and we started by bringing  them in to ADI studios  for a session to build the drum tracks. (ADI Studios....***The Alive Drive by the way is a customized, portable operating system that is embedded on branded USB flash memory devices, such as slimline "loyalty" cards, wristbands and jewelry. Pre-loaded with music, audio and visual content, the Alive Drive is distributed to fans through the host's own distribution channels, i.e. live events, retail outlets, e-stores or sponsors. As new content is produced, it gets pushed to the fans via the drive.  So please do check out their link if your band,brand or business has music or audio/visual content to share with it's customers, it's outstanding stuff)

Shawn Soucy was my #1 go-to guy for the drum track and he was just set free with the songs and did an outstanding job. Russell Marsland was in as well and laid some tasty electric lead guitar and rhythm tracks. The boys were given very little time with my songs as I wanted the tracks to be natural and un contrived because I just love the way these fellas play, so there was some discussion between players and producer and then engineer Brad Graham pushed the big red record button and off we went!

This is when we took a little break and Mick showed us a guy on a buffalo.
lololololol! Watch it!
You are welcome.

This pic just makes me laugh. I have no idea what I am doing with my hands besides blocking Mick's face, all I can see is that don't actually look as cool as I think I do.


After this session we took the recording to Mick's studio located in North Van at NAL sound. I had the very lucky pleasure to have Saffron and Camille Henderson sing back up vocals on my recording of Baby Blue.  They walked in and did the vocals like they had been doing them all their lives and they kinda have been seeing as their Dad wrote the song. It was such a treat to have those beautiful and supportive women on the recording I know I am a very fortunate girl and I still haven't stopped thanking them.

Here is my sneaky snap from that, you can just see them off in the darkness of the vocal booth.....

Also playing on some of the songs the  talented Paul Tobin
was in studio laying down guitar trax.

I also have my dear and talented friend Kelly Brock due to come  in studio for some vocals, some guest children for an environmental awareness song,  Kirsten Nash to play some sax on some of my heart smooshers, and maybe even  Brent Howard to play some pedal steel on the song Long Distance which I wrote with Rick Tippe.
More to come I hope but that's the plan so far. 

And that's been the scoop until now! Things are rolling along. I can't wait to keep plowing through these tunes as they've been a long time coming.
Maybe I am finally  ready to do them some justice now.  I know the process has gotten easier as I have learned more and have been able to get outside of them. And they are great little songs, and they came from me, through me or out of me somehow and
I am looking forward to polishing them up and sharing them.
So stay tuned. I'll keep you looped.

                           All best to you, thanks for listening.... keep rocking.........Rachael

Friday, April 13, 2012

Vancouver Walk for Kids Help Phone!

Ok friends! Yay!
Here is the weblink for the Vancouver Walk for Kids Help Phone!

Put together a team and join the walk or just bring your kids out to one of the many walk locations across country to take in the festivities donate/support a team.
I'll be there with members of Hitzone and well be rocking the neighourhood!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Walk for Kids Help Phone, Walk so Kids can Talk .....Baby Blue

I have been attending and playing for the   Walk for Kids Help Phone  over the last three years and it has become a cause very dear to my heart.  I've often felt that I could have used the Kids Help Phone when I was a kid and I might have a few less bags to unpack today, had I had someone to talk to back then.

So, I sang the song Baby Blue at a volunteer luncheon last year and I actually saw people wipe away tears as I sang it. I realized it was quite beautiful how this song articulated so well what the volunteers at Kids Help Phone do for children. It suddenly became a purpose in my life to bring this song and the cause together so I am very proud today to be able to share this with you.

Maybe it will get some kids attention and they will see that they have a place to call if they need help. 

And if you would like to help, donate or join now!
Sign up at this link to join the Walk so Kids can Talk this May 6th 2012..

            Below you can click the pictures to visit some of the Kids Walks corporate sponsors. We thank them for their dedication to breaking the silence.

Thank you to Bill Henderson for writing this truly iconic song. Soon after I began to sing it at my live performances I realized just how well loved and important this song is to not just me but all people.
You can find Chilliwack's flawless original recording of Baby Blue on iTunes here:

Millions of thanks to Mick Dalla Vee of Millennia Sound Design for production, engineering and recording.
Vocals; Rachael Chatoor
Electric Guitar;  Russell Marsland
Acoustic Guitar; Paul Tobin
Bass, Piano, Classical Guitar, BG Vocals ; Mick Dalla Vee
Drums/percussion; Shawn Soucy
Big hugs and thanks to  Saffron Henderson and Camille Henderson for lending their gorgeous voices to the background vocals.

And big thanks to my band Hitzone who will be playing at the Vancouver walk with me this year on May 6th!

See you there!
Rach xo

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stephanie Lee Rhodes....

My friend is in a contest. Check out her awesome entry video below because I know you will be motivated to click the link HERE and rate her video 5 out of 5!
That simple act may  just help her to win a scholarship! 
She's very deserving. now you have done a great deed. :)
Feel free to pass on those good feelings with your friends on Facebook!

"I was born TO style because I was born WITH style! I love the way an amazing hairstyle can completely transform someone. Inside and out. I want the skills to bring my creative visions to life. "

Monday, March 12, 2012

when Kids need to talk.........

if you'd like to support that

you can do this

so that kids don't have to worry about this

or this

                                                   or this 

stick around,
pretty soon I'm going to try and make you cry

then maybe,
some little kid won't have to


Sunday, March 11, 2012

if you ask me

admirable are those who so value their own word

that they will only be impeccable with it

the end

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rock the $#@! out of Cancer 2012

It's coming up on April 14th and I want to see you there. Seriously, no questions, no excuses, this is a non-negotiable must do. It's not just for me nor even just for the cause which we'll all be helping out, it's because I don't want you to miss out an outstanding good time. You really shouldn't waste another moment reading anything here in fact, you you should go directly to the Rock the $#@! out of Cancer website  and bookmark it so that when tickets go on sale on March 7th you can easily get your tickets. .....then feel free to come back. OK? See ya!

Got it bookmarked? Ok good, now read on.

So look, I love it when you get great big superstars into play at a smaller intimate environment such as the Evergreen Hall (in Chilliwack BC). It makes for the most connected, memorable kind of music experience ever, and the dancing is off the charts.
And yes I said big superstar,  because guess what friends? The headliner for this years event is the one and only Loverboy frontman himself, Mike Reno! If you lived anywhere at all at anytime ever then the music of Loverboy is a part of the musical tapestry of your life! And here is a wonderful chance to listen to it live and up close!

And I'm practically dying with excitement because I'll be doing the same kind of thing I did last year.

I've been lucky enough to sing back up vocals a few times as Mike was up there belting out his tunes onstage, and I've hung out backstage at Loverboy concerts making behind the scenes videos, but this upcoming opening slot thing is kinda cool. And with all the other bands slated to play the bill  (find the full listing on the website), it's going to be a memorable, musical, exciting evening.

                                                  Here's a memento photo I found on my
                 iPhone from a gig last year where Mike and Cathy were special guests.

And I can't possibly finish off without saying thanks to the sponsors who are bringing you this event!
Cornerstone Framing Gallery
Army Navy Air Force Veterans

See you there!