Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vancouver bands rock the River Rock casino!

So, I was at the Canada Line station near the  the River Rock Casino with my son and when we walked past this poster my son said: "Look Mom, there is Kelly Brock!", and I said: "Um, yes son, and that is your Mother directly beside her." ; )  

It was his first time seeing me on such a poster and it was kinda fun because I also pointed out the rest of the bands on the bill whom are all fantastic musicians and performers. I felt proud to tell my son that  not only does my corporate band Hitzone also play there,  but I am friends with some of the other acts on the bill. I did a little name dropping then telling him that sometimes I sit in with Dr. Stangelove, and also my friends  (including my music producer) play in Atlantic Crossing. Both are excellent shows that you should catch. In fact all the acts listed are fantastic and I suggest you check them out!

And if you want to see me and my band when we take the stage then strap on your dancing shoes and come to Lulu's lounge in the River Rock Casino on Oct 12-13th!  My very special guest Paul Tobin will be joining me onstage for the night and we will be playing some of his new songs from his soon to be released CD! I invite all his Saskatoon friends who are located in Vancouver to mark the date and come listen to a sneak peak of the new tunes!

See you there!
Rach! xo