Friday, January 14, 2011


I just like this song, and asked my band one night if we could play it.
On the spot, without hesitation they said, yeah! I love it when they do that, or when an audience
member asks for Hotel California and we just do it on the fly, and we decide we like it so much we add it to our set list...yeah....this is why I am so lucky.  :)  Thanks to Brian Wright  for taking the video and sharing it. :)


Monday, January 10, 2011

Modern Vocalist features League of Rock band Bitter Suite on their weekly spotlight.

I thought I would share with you today this video from the 4th session West Coast League of Rock finale last December, seeing as the last thing I mentioned is that we were preparing for the show. So on finale night, past member Brian Wright was there to support the showcase and he took this video of the last band of the night, Bitter Suite. Loralee Parks made the video work in her favor when she submitted it and it was accepted as a weekly feature on the well populated Modern Vocalist website.

Bio below was cut and pasted from the website:

Loralee Parks hails from the beautiful city of Vancouver Canada. She spent several years in retail sales & management until wanderlust set in. She then packed up everything to work on board luxury cruise lines hosting informational talks & seminars on shopping and port information. After traveling the world, she then decided it was time to head back home to Vancouver and settle on land. Ever since a young age Loralee always had a love for singing and entertaining. Mainly a hobby singer, she never really pursued her talents until about 2 years ago when she got serious and started taking vocal lessons with a master Speech Level Singing coach in Vancouver. After committing to daily vocalizing and practicing she truly found her voice and a new confidence on stage. With the encouragement from her vocal coach, friends, and family she was urged to get out there and perform. Without knowing many people in the Vancouver music scene, Loralee joined an organization called “The League of Rock” where musicians of any skill levels can join a band, rehearse, record, and perform in 10 weeks. This program not only gave her an opportunity to perform but also to meet and network with many professional musicians in the Vancouver area. The band “Bitter Suite” for example only met 10 weeks prior to this performance. Loralee is excited to be pursuing her love for singing and is currently looking at several new opportunities that are developing since her debut with “Bitter Suite”.

Congrats to the band!  What a nice thing to come out of the League of Rock.

By the way there is a Groupon deal if you want to have a taste of the league......$59 for a one day, 4 hour workshop where you will get a sense of the community and rock and roll atmosphere..... go to website for more info  hurry there is only a day left!

Sweet Kerosene band with me and Topher Stott, season 4 showcase!

Rach xo