Wednesday, June 16, 2010

please forward this to your favorite artist... xo

Art, by Andrea Dorfman
I do believe this is my new favorite song.
Watch it
watch it
watch it.
Rach xo


Anonymous said...

Beautiful...Beautiful....and Great edit job!
And just like the butterfly flaps its wings and becomes part of a distant wind storm, each single choice we make effects mankind in some way.
Love your choices.

Damon the Gypsy said...

Your music is very cool - very real.
Hope to be your friend. Did you see my newest video?
Spanish version:
English version:
Thanks, Damon

Damon the Gypsy said...

You remind me a little bit of an old friend, Janis.
However, you have a much happier vibe. Very Cool!

văn lai nguyễn said...

mình thưởng thức bạn vừa đàn vừa hát quá tuyệt vời!

herman tersesat said...