Sunday, October 18, 2009

getting back in the saddle again.......

Today I got on a horse again after more than 10 years away from riding. I have been thinking of horses for such a long time now, how they were a big part of my life for so long.

Eventually however, I ran smak into music and it took me away from horses as my focus. I still rode for years while I chased my career around and even in Abu Dhabi and England while I was living those countries, I did some riding. But I eventually turned away from it altogether after a bad fall and resulting concussion.

There is nothing quite like being on a horse though, it has been in my heart ever since forever. In my highschool annual my final words most likely mentioned horses and I think there was one year where two of my horse pictures were featured in the art section.

My room was filled with horses top to bottom for many years, until rock stars took over half the room. Horses always remained though, and riding will forever be something that is near the top of my list of favorite things to do.

Camino is a Peruvian Paso and he is supposed to be ridden in a very different manner to the way I am used to riding horses.

It is funny, this opportunity just strolled on into my life by happenstance, I wasn't looking. My aunt M, who was funnily enough the first person ever to put me on a horse, has a bad back right now and needs help giving her horse some excercise. I wasn't even expecting to ride today but I couldn't resist. The second after I saw the horse, I asked if I could take a spin, so I took a quick 'how to work the horse' lesson and headed off.

Its a strange feel, different, the motions are counter-intuitive to what I think I am supposed to do, I still have to find my mojo while up there, but wow was that fun! I am so excited and I look forward to learning how to ride this animal the way he is supposed to be ridden.

My daughter was put on a horse for the first time today. She is too fearful still, she did not enjoy it but I do believe that she will get over her fears and learn to love horses as much as I do. I hope so.

When I was a teenager at the barn, there was a young girl named Steph who shared a horse with her Mother. I always admired the two of them, the relationship they had, and I vowed I would ride horses with my daughter one day like that.

Perhaps the time is coming near.

Rach xo.


Not The Rockefellers said...

This was so much fun to watch...even the commentary by the girls.
Horse back riding is something I have never done and would like to try someday.
It's nice that you were able to ride again, you looked so happy!


Jac said...

Nice for you. Lacie will grow to love it.