Friday, June 5, 2009

League of Rock ($1000 Membership giveaway CONTEST)

I have the opportunity to make someones day, I mean, really make someone day, and very soon!

Rachaelpachelwasmyname, (my blog) has been given a full membership to the League of Rock, to giveaway in a contest!

People, could I BE any luckier?? Could you?

I am a girl who likes to spread the 'warm and fuzzy' around, and I have been asked to administer the single, thousand dollar membership prize to one lucky musician.

This is perhaps the coolest opportunity that's ever found me.

If you haven't yet done so, please take a moment to read the post below this one and browse the videos, information, and links to the League of Rock. Prepare to be impressed with everything you see, plan to be excited and want to join. (and for those of you who are going to skip that step, here are the footnotes )

So, without further adieu, I will tell you how you can win the ($1000) membership prize, but first I will explain that I have never run a contest or given away anything like this before, so I immediately thought of sharing the prize with tech savvy internet goddess and personal hero Rebecca Bollwitt (who is also very well known as Miss 604 and is one of Vancouvers most influential bloggers). Thankfully Rebecca was excited to jump on board, so together now, we will give away the prize through both of our blogs.

There are actually two memberships to be won and two ways to win them, the rules are simple:

The first membership draw has excellent odds because the only entries will be from the people who actually register and join the league before July 17th, so basically, all joiners will have a chance at winning their registration fees back.

[It's your first and best shot at winning a prize, and if you are interested, you need to really look at the program and decide to participate. Once you register for the course, you are automatically entered (with ONLY the other registrants). There are only 40 spots for all of Vancouver so the odds are good to win, but do take note, spots are already being reserved so if you wait too long, you'll have to wait for the next session. ]

SIGN UP for the L. O. R. HERE

Now if you don't manage to grab a spot at registration time, there will still be a chance. Because the big membership giveaway is where Rebecca and I come in. We are collecting entries through each of our blogs and one lucky entry will win a membership for an entire season (value $1,000).

Enter by simply leaving your name and info in the contest box at the link provided here:


BONUS: You can gain an extra entry if you Tweet about this contest using the hashtag #LORvan and link to either mine or Rebecca's contest blog post. Or, you can post our contest link to your own blog. Just make sure to come back here and post YOUR link in my comments box below, so I can find it and count it as another entry!

On the big League of Rock Vancouver launch party night at the Yale on July 22, Rebecca and I will bring all the collected entries with us and make the draw in person. You must be at the Yale when the draw is made to collect the prize.

Please note,

Deadline for entries is on JULY 14th!
(but you can still register all the way up until July 17th provided spaces are still availalable)

Make sure to listen for more LOR info on Rock 101!

And I want to send a special shout out to LOR corporate sponsor Long and McQuade , who have been the source of more awesome guitars and music gear over the years than I care to admit! For more LOR sponsor info go here.. SPONSORS

Good LUCK, and Rock on!