Friday, May 15, 2009

Fierce Light opens this weekend!

If you are planning on going to the movies this weekend, I hope that you will choose to see this film, Fierce Light. Every person who buys a ticket this opening weekend, helps to keep it in the theatres.
(hence the name of the group who hosts this advanced screening event, the First Weekend Club)

I am putting my movie dollars towards this Canadian film this weekend, because I love the message it sends, and I want to see the film stay in the theatres.

Once again, last Wednesday night, I had the great pleasure of helping the First Weekend Club give Canadian film lovers a movie viewing experience like no other. It was my job to bring the music for the wine reception, which happens in the hour prior to the screening of the film!

I love this picture, with the image of people lined up outside as they wait to enter the sold out venue.

These beautiful pictures are courtesy of Asad Masede from EIS .

Honestly now, does your regular movie house 'refreshment stand' serve you drinks like this,

in an environment that looks like this?

And while I am asking you questions; How often, directly after seeing a movie, do you have the opportunity to SKYPE a live Q & A session with the director of the film?

See the picture directly below the text? That is director Velcrow Ripper up on the screen , in a live Skype session. This was fabulous, the audience had the floor and passed the mic around to talk to him, several people took the opportunity to ask about the film and the making of it.

Some amazing celebs showed up to show their support for this event. It was a treat for me to see Babz Chula again, we had a lovely chat and I received a kiss on either cheek, it was quite a thrill to hear her kind compliments. I am afraid I do not know the other people in this photo at the time of writing this blog post, though I do recognize them, I will find out asap, please do expect a proper edit from me in future regarding the people in the photo below. For the moment, opening weekend is here upon us, and the message must go out, I know they understand.

Next time I'll try and open my eyes for the closing photo. In the meantime, thanks to all who participated in promoting this film, there are SO many people who deserve thanks and recognition, I could never cover it all in one blog. Please see the First Weekend Club website for full credits. MY mission here today, is to encourage you out to see the works of Canadian filmmakers. I'll be out tomorrow night, taking myself on a solo date, to see this film in the theatre, because I want my vote for the Canadian film industry to count.

have a lovely long weekend..........

warmly, Rach


KMcJoseph said...

Stoppin by to say hi! Have a good weekend too!

Anonymous said...

I guess thats the downside of living in a smaller community, we don't get stuff like this. Driving home at 10 pm last night after a bbq at a friends house you could have shot a cannon down the street. When I lived ni Winnipeg evening strolls in Osborne Village and down Corydon Ave were great, every little restaurant and pub had at least 3 or 4 tables outside. Just watching people go by and running into friends made for a good evening. I think I digressed.