Sunday, March 8, 2009

my new F*ck Cancer bracelet

Imagine for me are a young, dynamic, world travelling, independent, creative jewellery designer. Now, try to also imagine, that you have just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, told that you are basically incurable.

What would you do?

Would you lay down and die? Or would you fight?

Would you follow every order your doctor gave you unquestioningly, or would you demand second opinions and seek alternative healing options?

What if you found a place that addressed every aspect of healing, a place where the people helped your soul as much as they helped your body? What if you found a place that helped you beat the odds and recover?

Do you think you would be inspired by that experience, to design a thing of beauty in order to share / show your support and appreciation towards the people who helped you to become a survivor rather than a statistic?

Susan Fiedler was inspired by her experience, and she was moved to take action. Susan (from Soul Flower, a socially conscious jewelry company ), designed a stunning sterling silver bracelet, and with it she speaks for anyone who's life has been touched by the dreaded 'C' word, she speaks to anyone who feels like saying, Fuck Cancer.

I am not going to write much about this today, because the story about Susan Fiedler has been well documented already by people far more eloquent than I.

So instead, I ask you to please go visit the websites linked here, to read this story of healing, hope and survival. And because you care, because you are so stylish ( no rubber bracelets for you), I want to let you all know how you can get your own Fuck Cancer bracelet .

$50 of the sale of each F* Cancer bracelet is donated directly to InspireHealth, Canada’s foremost not-for-profit integrative cancer care centre. You will receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation in the mail. On behalf of the patients, staff and volunteers of InspireHealth, thank you!

With love................... Rachael Chatoor:

(Rach is an admirer of Susan Fiedler and an ambassador for the F*ck Cancer bracelet.)


Maggie May said...

what an amazing woman. i know that when i was dx with endometriosis stage four, i went through one surgery following doctors orders, and then spent a year researching. after that, i used nutritional and supplemental therapy as well as a specialist i found on line to heal. i like to think i would do the same with cancer.

thank you for sharing her story.

Pamela Detlor said...

Thanks for the info. Her strength is moving. Cancer sucks the big one.


Kat said...

My uncle just died from skin cancer on Friday. Fuck Cancer.

rachael chatoor said...

Maggie, good for your for using the natural healing, I'll bet it helped. Pamela, thanks for coming. Kat, I am so sorry, ((hugs)) I am wit you entirely...

My father died of Colon Cancer in Sept 2007.

Fuck Cancer


Anonymous said...

I think we all have friends and family that have died of cancer. It is a vicious cruel disease that doesn't can attack anyone. I had 2 minor cancer scares before I turned 40. My father died of cancer 2 weeks shy of his 60th birthday, hard to believe that was over 15 years ago.

Susan is a very fortunate woman and her efforts are inspiring. She was lucky that her cancer was far less life threatening than first thought. It has given her the opportunity to help raise money for a great centre. Unfortunately for many, the opportunity to use it is not there. And many people cannot afford the extra costs associated with it. Regional centres like this would be a wonderful thing.

I remember as my dad got weaker and lost more and more weight. He seemed to age every day I saw him. I never heard him complain about his disease or express any regrets. He expressed concern about his family and mom. I'm sure he was scared and mad but he didn't say so..perhaps to mom he did after all they were together since high school.

He did what the doctors told him, but it didn't matter in the end. I don't think he "laid down and died" but he died as he lived with dignity and pride and compassion for those around him.

Anonymous said...

sorry for long post

Anonymous said...

You rock!

rachael chatoor said...

Kelly no worries, long posts are very welcome here....:) My Dad was the same, never complained, he lived and loved with all his might. Near the end it was pretty tough too, but the spirit was always there, reminding us to live well, and to love each other.

Thanks Kate, so do you chicca!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, was also going to you ever play over here on the island?

rachael chatoor said...

Funny, my agent just called about a possible corporate gig in Victoria, but that would be a private event.

I used to play on the islands all the time about 14 years ago, but have not done so since then. The ferry/accomodation costs make it difficult for venues to hire mainland bands.

Do you know anywhere that hires small bands or duos, rock mostly?

I have a cousin in Victoria who I would love to visit with my kids, so I would take a gig there if I could find one.

Feel free to send suggestions of places we might try, as I don't know the area at all. :)

bernthis said...

What a story. Last month was ten years my mom lost her cousin and best friend. Just the other day she told me how much she still misses her.

FUCK CANCER is right

Anonymous said...

well I don't live in Victoria, so don't know much about there...but

thats up here in the comox valley

might have to just check you out one of the times i dare venture over to the mainland

Cat said...

That's awesome, I love it!

Anonymous said...