Saturday, January 10, 2009

spelling, or lack thereof

If you are a fan of decent grammar and proper spelling, I have no idea what you are doing here. Hopefully by now we are clear on the fact that I am not a 'writer', and that this is just a diary, of sorts.

I got lazy with my spelling, after reading this sentence one day.....

" Airdoccng to a rsrechecah at Cadmrbige Ustvieriny, it deson't matetr in waht oedrr the lterets in a wrod are, the olny iemorptnt tinhg is that the fsrit and last letter msut be at the rgiht palce. The rest can be a ttoal mses and you can siltl read it wtuhoit ploberm. Tihs is bseauce the hmuan mnid does not read evrey letetr by itlsef, but the word as a wlhoe."

Seriously,...........if most of us can read this jumbled mess, then a spelling error, or a typo, is not really such a big deal now is it? So long as you people get the basic idea then, my job is done.

By the way that was just my lame apology /disclaimer for any atrocious spelling you come across while you visit this blog/diary. I assure you, I am aware of it, I don't lose sleep over it, hopefully you don't either.


Jeanne said...

That's okay -- I don't come here for the grammar! Just checked out the video below -- Kelly's amazing and that's a great shot of you.

Don't suppose there's any chance you'll ever be in Ohio, but it will be fun to keep track of where you're working, just the same.

Frogs in my formula said...

Good point. Really, you can't argue with that. LOL.

The Grandpa said...

As long as the people you're writing for get what you say...that's what counts. Besides I've read your lyrics. You are a writer, lady.