Tuesday, December 23, 2008

stuck in a snowstorm

Here I am, stuck in a snowstorm.

Well that's a bit dramatic, I could get in my car and drive, all I have to do is find someone willing to give me a bit of a push to get started. A slight nudge and I would be able, to toodle on my merry way, sliding around in the snow, but I have decided to heed the warnings, to be a good citizen and 'stay off the roads' .

Admittedly, this is easy for me to do, considering my kids are in Mexico and I have no responsibilities to worry about. I couldn't imagine having to be somewhere. I really feel badly for the folks who are having to use air-travel right now, and I thank my lucky stars that I still have heat and power in my house, and I am especially thankful that it's not minus 50 degrees in my part of the country.

In fact, I look at my last few days and, besides the occasional spot of longing for my children, it has been like a vacation. I am on my computer or holding my guitar, all day long. I'm either creating something myself, or being inspired by other peoples creations. Throw in a few trips to the kitchen, and the odd Miwashe Geri ( Karate Kick), and you have my day. I feel like I have scored big time,\ in terms of comfort. The fact that I miraculously do not have to be anywhere or provide anything for anyone, means I can just worry about ME. That's totally worth something. I may never win the lottery, but I have been very lucky through this snowstorm.

Anyways, I have gone from a million miles a minute, to zero in approximately an attosecond. I even had the time to start this blog, I have had this account for over a year, yet never felt inclined to use it. I still don't know what I am doing with it exactly. I am not particularly prolific nor am I eloquent, I don't have a great wealth of information to contribute, nor a scholarly view to impart. But a browse around the blog world shows such a vast difference between blogs, that it's clear to me, anything goes.

Excellent, this is my kind of place. So, my blog will be my place to express my thoughts, collect favorite links, as well as report connections and happenings. I will leave the funny blogs to the comedians, the sporting blogs to the guys, the arty blogs to the artists, and the clever blogs to the wise.

ciao for now..

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