Monday, December 29, 2008

my gig in Japan ; )


This video was just sent to me today, there is a bar in Japan, Live Music bar JET, which shows You Tube videos from the Original Music DataBase project ( the OMDB collect and promote / feature original music on You Tube). At the JET bar, I believe they play these videos on the band breaks, I am the second artist in this promo video (about 40 seconds in), I have been featured at this bar before and I must say I find it quite hilarious. I am wondering, can I say that I've played in Japan now, or is that stretching it? ; ) hehe

By the way the video they chose to feature was from a live performance for a fundraiser for an incredible and inspiring actress named Babz Chula, who is fighting a mighty battle against cancer, Babz is highly regarded and well loved in the acting community. I was so proud to be a part of the first Annual Babz.

For more info on theBabz Chula Lifelife for Artists Society:



Sue said...

RACHAEL!! You are so awesome and amazing. I think you described what we're doing even better than we've been able to! Really well written and thought out and just so nice of you :) Thanks so much!!


PS - I didn't even know you had this blog, until I saw we were getting hits on our blog from yours. I'm off to check out more...

rachael said...

Hello ~! I just started this blog Sue, I missed my kids all week, and was trapped in a snowstorm I found I was posting too long on everyone elses blog! LOL, It hit me that I needed a bit of a link diary to keep myself occupied. :)

You are very welcome girl, I only say it if I mean it, feel free to use the blurb if you want! (PS its on the post below this one)